Setting up a SRV record (generic / other registrars)

How to set up a SRV record (generic / other registrars)

  1. Bryan
    These are the complete details you need to set up an SRV record:
    • Service: _minecraft
    • Protocol: tcp
    • Name: [subdomain]
      • This is the subdomain you'll use for connecting to your server. For example, if your domain is, and you wish to connect via, you would enter just play in the field. If you wish to connect directly using, you would enter @ in the field.
    • Priority: 0
    • Weight: 0
    • Port: [port]
      • Enter the port number of your HostHorde Server - if your full server address is, you would enter just 25565
    • Target: [address]
      • Enter the address (without the port) of your HostHorde server - for example, just
    Note: Some registrars do not include the "Name" field, as they merge it with protocol. If the name field is not available, include the name alongside the protocol, by typing (play being the name)

    Other registrars may have different interfaces. If this is the case, we recommend contacting your registrar with this article and asking them to add the record for you.
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