Understanding CPU usage

At HostHorde, we allocate two CPU cores to each Minecraft servers and use some of the best CPUs on the market, for all round better performance. We’ve modified how Multicraft displays servers’ CPU usage to reflect this, the CPU meter goes up to 200% rather than 100%.

The vanilla Minecraft server is not multithreaded – this means that it can only use up to a single CPU core, or 100% as shown on the CPU meter.

Bukkit and Spigot, however, split the load across two CPU cores – one is used for the game server, and a second is used for plugins. It is normal for a Bukkit or Spigot server to be using up to 200% CPU.

It’s not possible to allocate additional CPU time to improve your server’s performance. If you are experiencing issues such as lag, please follow our lag troubleshooting guide. In particular, a timings report will show you what is using the most CPU time on the server.
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