Banning players

How to ban and unban players

  1. Bryan
    If you are running these commands from the console, do not include the forward slash.

    You can ban players by their username using the command /ban [username] [reason] , you can unban players using the command /pardon [username] .

    You can also ban IP addresses from connecting. Please note that IP addresses are not unique to individual players. You should only ban an IP address if you know multiple problematic players will be connecting from that address, and in addition you should ban their accounts individually with /ban . To ban an IP address, use the command /ban-ip [ip address] [reason] , and to unban then use /pardon-ip [ip address].

    Please note that on Bukkit/ Spigot servers, the reason option is ignored and is the reason is always given as "Banned by an operator."
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