Configuring plugins to use MySQL

How to configure a plugin to use MySQL

  1. Bryan
    Plugins that use a lot of data can use a MySQL database to store their data. Each HostHorde server comes with a MySQL database, and data stored in the database does not count towards your disk quota. For this reason, we recommend using MySQL whenever possible, for example with CoreProtect which supports both SQLite and MySQL.

    Configuring plugins
    You can find your MySQL database details in Multicraft by going to Advanced → MySQL Database. If you have not created a database, you will need to click Create Database first.

    For this article, we’ll configure CoreProtect to use MySQL. Other plugins may vary slightly. Find the config file for your plugin, for CoreProtect this is located at plugins/CoreProtect/config.yml. You can either edit the file via FTP, or use the config file editor in Multicraft by going to Files → Config Files and locating CoreProtect's config.yml file

    Add your MySQL details to the config file as shown:


    Save your config file, and upload it back to the server. If you have been previously using CoreProtect, you should remove the old SQLite database to save disk space, which is located at plugins/CoreProtect/database.db.
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