Installing ATLauncher modpacks (Yogscast Complete, Resonant Rise, The MadPack, etc)

How to install ATLauncher modpacks

  1. Bryan
    Prepare your server

    1. In the Multicraft control panel, stop your server if you're running one and back up its world and important files if you wish to keep them.

    Prepare the modpack

    2. Download the server files of the modpack you wish to use. From the ATLauncher, find the modpack then click Create Server and wait for the download to complete. Once finished, navigate to the directory the files have been downloaded to.
    3. Delete, LaunchServer.bat and any other similar .sh and .bat files as these files are not needed when hosting a server on HostHorde.

    Upload the modpack to your server

    4. If you're installing a 1.5.2 pack or earlier:
    Upload the all the sub folders (mods, coremods and config) to the root of your server using FTP.
    You may also need to download library files if they are not included in the pack, which can be found here for 1.5.2.

    4. If you're installing a 1.6.4 pack:
    Upload the all the sub folders (mods and config - possibly others depending on your pack) to the root of your server using FTP. Upload the libraries folder into the /jar folder on your server.

    5. Upload the server JAR (ie forge-1.6.4-, etc) into the /jar folder of your server. For better compatibility with Multicraft, you should rename this jar to custom_server.jar

    Configure Multicraft for the modpack

    6. In the Multicraft control panel, set the JAR file to the same filename as the JAR you previously uploaded including the file extension. Set the JAR dropdown to "default".
    7. Start your server.

Recent Reviews

  1. Nomad
    Doesn't work! I followed the tutorial precisely but my server seizes up upon launch.
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