Installing Pixelmon 3.0

How to install Pixelmon

  1. Bryan

    Pixelmon is a popular Minecraft Forge mod that adds Pokémon to Minecraft.


    1. Pixelmon requires a Minecraft Forge server. To install this, please read our guide on installing Minecraft Forge.

      Pixelmon 3.0 runs on Minecraft Forge for 1.6.4 only. Make sure you download Forge for 1.6.4.
    2. Once Minecraft Forge server is installed, run it and ensure that it starts without issue. Check your console output in Multicraft for any problems. Then stop your server again.
    3. Minecraft Forge will automatically create a mods directory on your server's root directory. Download the Pixelmon zip to your computer from the Pixelmon website, then upload it using FTP into the mods directory. Do not extract the zip, instead upload the single file.
    4. Start the server again, and Pixelmon will be ran by the server.

    Please note that as Pixelmon is a Forge mod, it requires that you are running the same mod and potentially the same version of the mod in your client. Installing client side mods is outside of the scope of this guide. For help installing Pixelmon in your client, see this video from the Pixelmon website.
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