Minecraft 1.7.9

Details about Minecraft 1.7.9

  1. Bryan
    On April 9th, Mojang released Minecraft 1.7.9. This version contains some bugfixes, but importantly it paves the way for the future username renaming feature that is coming to Minecraft.

    Minecraft 1.7.9 is not protocol compatible with 1.7.5, 1.7.4, or 1.7.2 servers. If you update your client to 1.7.9, you will need to also update your server use a 1.7.9 compatible Jar.

    There is currently no version of CraftBukkit for 1.7.9. Spigot has already updated for 1.7.9 - if you are using CraftBukkit, you can use Spigot instead of CraftBukkit.

    Please make sure that you are in the correct server mode (online mode/offline mode) when you start the 1.7.9 server for the first time, because profiles are no longer compatible between these two server modes.

    To change your server jar:
    1. Login to Multicraft
    2. From the JAR file dropdown, select the server jar you wish to use, for example: Mod: Spigot 1.7.9 (#1387)
    3. Click Save at the bottom of the page
    4. Restart your server

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