How to add and remove operators

  1. Bryan
    An operator is a player able to use administrative commands on a Minecraft server. Due to the power of the commands an operator can use, you should only give operator powers to yourself as owner and players you implicitly trust. There are two ways to add and remove operators:

    If you are running these commands from the console, do not include the forward slash.
    1. Using the /op and /deop commands. An existing operator can use the command /op to add an operator, and /deop to remove an operator. These commands can entered in-game, and in your server's console.

      To set yourself as an operator via our control panel (http://mc.hosthorde.com/), go to the "Console" page and enter the command "op playerNameHere". Be sure the replace "playerNameHere" with your Minecraft username.

    2. Editing the ops.txt file (1.7.5 or earlier only!). Operators are listed in the ops.txt file. You can edit this in the Multicraft control panel by going to Files → Config Files → Operators. Each username must be added on a single line. You must then restart your server for the changes to take effect.

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