Server can't bind to host

Server can't bind to host

  1. Bryan
    This article only applies if you are using a custom jar. If you are using a jar found in Multicraft, renaming your server jar is not necessary
    On rare occasions, it's possible for a Minecraft server to crash in such a way that Multicraft is not able to end the process. If this happens, when you next try to start the server you will get an error like this:

    13.06 11:23:34 [Server] INFO Address already in use
    13.06 11:23:34 [Server] WARNING Could not bind to host

    If this happens, you can make Multicraft kill the old process.

    1. Stop your server if it's running or attempting to run.
    2. Using FTP, rename your server jar to custom_server.jar.
    3. In the Multicraft control panel, change the server selected to custom_server.jar, then click save.
    4. Start your server.
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