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    I have been with HH for around 2 years, I'm pretty sure a bit over that.

    For the most part things have ran smoothly. The support with a few exceptions detailed later has been speedy - when available, as the support is not 24/7 - and largely helpful.

    The major hiccoughs, or at least those which I can remember, are a switch of the host IP without being informed (although we are advised not to use this, I'd assume due to this reason, a number of apps and websites will only accept numerical IP addresses and so there is little choice in the matter) which I would consider a basic courtesy, and nor was I notified on the couple of instances where the server was down, whether through maintenance or DDoS. This went on for at least an eight hour period on at least one occasion.

    It's likely unsurprising then that my major gripe - and the reason I feel that I've finally been forced out from the HH community - is due to a lack of communication.

    There is still no Java 8.
    There is no ETA for Java 8.

    A number of threads and posts have been made about this issue over the months - approaching two years now - since the release of J8. And plugins and mods are using it as standard. As are the vast majority (I believe all actually, but I can't swear to that as I've been through close to hundred over the last week) of the other server hosts that are available.

    And the response from the staff has been negligible at worst, cryptic or misleading at best.

    HH is a great server if you're new to server-hosting. It's cheap, largely reliable, and helps you find your feet. Possibly the best shared server I've seen.

    No qualms there.

    The issues I've had are due to the recalcitrant / non-committal approach to dealing with their customer-base and what seems to be an aversion to making statements which they may not be able to keep. Which is understandable. Great even. Apart from when it's in regards to something which is a core part of the functionality of their business, and the business of their consumers.

    As things were when I first started and Java 8 was still to come, still being bug-fixed I'd have happily recommended HH to almost anyone, with a [#][#][#][#][ ] rating.

    As things currently stand, the review rating is at [#][#][ ][ ][ ].
    If Java8 is added, that would ramp it up a couple of stars.

    If they'd been more transparent and frank with their customers, that would have merited an extra +1.

    It seems that that's what has been forgotten as they attract such a surfeit of communities with the admittedly amazingly low prices. That we are the ones employing them.

    In summation, it's great, highly stable, incredibly cheap.
    But the lack of what's considered a core, if not vital, part of plugins and mods hits too hard to make it a viable choice for anyone wishing to use contemporary plugins and packs.

    It's a shame, but I have now joined the number forced out by the lack of attention to the marketplace and their customer's needed.

    Can't really beat it. Maybe if you find a permanent discount code but for standard charges, HH is top of the list in cheapness as far as I'm aware.
    [#][#][#][#][#] 5/5

    Customer Support
    Limited hours, some lack of knowledge about more specialized areas - Pixelmon in my instance, which is popular enough that it bears mention. The shortfalls for me are the lack of courtesy / information-sharing re server-maintenance and uptime and a reluctance to disclose / allow talk about their shortcomings.
    [#][#][ ][ ][ ] 2/5

    Server Stats:
    Largely good. A few blips now and then. Again the lack of communication weighs in here; if I'd been informed of the couple of times the server went down, this would have been 4/5.
    [#][#][#][ ][ ] 3/5


    Yes, this is sticking in my craw. I dislike that I feel obliged / forced to move on and reconfigure my website and various other things as I change source IP and hosting. The lack of a free release, two years after the fact, is a major issue in my eyes. The lack of communication and discussion about it only compounds that.
    [ ][ ][#][#][#] | [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] -3/5

    Final rating:
    [#][#][#][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
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