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    My Reveiw and experience with hosthorde..

    I've been a on and off customer of hosthorde for almost 2 years now and have a lot to say about this host. This host is probably the most affordable and best host I have used, 100% lag free and easy to use. I've used the starter plan which is decent, I planned to make my whole server then upgrade to unlimited but a plugin I purchased exceeded the 1gig limit so I upgraded to the 4 gig. Great and lag free any small server needs. The unlimited plan aswell is great, had around 28 plugins and 20 players on with no issues. Great for small servers, if you compare this host to a server that has a average of 600 players go get a dedicated server. Get this host! Cheap and good what more can you ask for?!

    - zsauer *CE PvP Owner*

    :Edit: I've also gotten 2 of my friends to buy this service.*
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