HostHorde Testimonials (Yes, plural. I made six of varying size.)

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    I used to run on an old host but they bumped the prices up about 50%. I didn't like that, and the server crashed too often. One of my friends was talking about hosts and I overheard something about HostHorde. I looked it up, and found this. I checked out the plans page, asked a boat-load of questions in the Live Chat, and guess where I am now? Running a successful, lag free, (non-crashing) Minecraft server. The console has great response timing too! It really helps when you are a developer and need to upload plugins quickly.


    I was looking for a cheaper host because my old one was losing quality. I would say that HostHorde met my need, but that would be a lie. This is cheap in the sence of price, but not in quality. The servers here are the best. I'm not lying. The. Best. Either up to $25 for unlimited here (truly unlimited), or up to $235 with the old host, and they offered me 4 GB of RAM, maximum! HostHorde is the best server host I've seen.


    I stumbled across HostHorde, which offered me way better servers than my old host. You can get a starter server for only $5, instead of $15 with my old host. Need a medium sized server? $10, vs $35. UNLIMITED? $25, vs... oh wait. The old host couldn't go higher than 16 GB, but their prices were over $200


    I found HostHorde. I clicked on the Plans page. I couldn't believe what I saw. I literally refreshed the page to make sure it was correct. I can get UNLIMITED servers for less than the average on my old host... :D


    HostHorde has unlimited servers for less than starter on my old host... HostHorde is Quality, without the high prices.


    HostHorde has the best quality I've seen, for prices I almost didn't believe could be that low.

    **Now... is the moment of truth.**

    I made all of the testimonials for varying size. You can pick any that fit how big the testimonials should be. Thank you for the server. HostHorde is just... amazing.

    *And a little side note, Joseph D. of the support department deserves credit. I asked for the door, and he pointed me in the right direction.
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