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Discussion in 'Ideas & Suggestions' started by T_Eighteen, Dec 5, 2015.

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    Sep 24, 2015
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    Being im from Australia, its almost impossible to have the live chat feature being its continuously offline when i need it most. If i want to use the Live chat i would need to be up at like 2-3am in the morning. Would it be possible to employ people from Australia, New Zealand and other countries within the same timezones so the live chat support is always available when needed by users on the other side of the world instead of being in the US. Having the support ticket is helpful but its very annoying when trying to get issues sorted and it could take days, even weeks before the issue is resolved rather then having that one on one support right then and there and getb issues resolved much earlier. It will certainly make fixing issues that much easier and the user experience will greatly inprove.

    Better support
    Less stress on staff
    More flexible online hours for support with Live Chat
    Better support foe those on other side of the world

    Will be hard to get staff from other side of the world
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  2. fflip8

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    Feb 19, 2016
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    I'm not even from Australia, (USA here) and this would be amazing. Generally the only times I can contact support is around 9-11pm PST, which is quite far from closing time. If they hired some people from Australia, not only would Australians be happier, people like me would be happier as well.

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