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Discussion in 'Server Showcase' started by dViola, Oct 3, 2017.


What should be added next(before anything else)?

  1. Survival

  2. Prison

  3. Bedwars

  4. Minigames in general

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  1. dViola

    dViola New Member

    Oct 3, 2017
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    Server IP: minesparx.mcalias.com

    MineSparx is a brand new factions server, so the world is completly untouched and ready for you to play in! MineSparx has many awesome plugins, that allow for a more fun minecraft experience. Also added to the server, is creative, skyblock, skywars, and many plans on adding many more fun games! Many new things will be added in the near future, such as Prison, and Survival(with claiming)! We have voting, marriages, ranks, and much more!

    Join today!

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