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Discussion in 'Community Support' started by linsedugg, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. linsedugg

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    Sep 21, 2019
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    I'm not very good at this server stuff. But i wanted to set up a server with the RLcraft, and can't get it to work.

    I thought i could follow the FTB tutorial, and that the steps would be the same for RLcraft.

    These are the steps i used.

    1.Stopped server
    2. Deleted everything on the server.
    3. uploaded the RLCraft server pack zip file.
    4. Restored it as a backup.

    Now here the problems starts

    5. Start the server.
    6. It asks for EULA to be true.
    7. Creates vanilla version instead of RLcraft.

    Now i think i should change the EULA to true before starting the server the first time, but this is not possible before after i've run the server... because..delete..

    anyone know what to do? o_0
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    Sep 24, 2019
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    I have RLCraft running myself. Couple things to note. The RLCraft server zip file from curseforge has the folder nested. I don't know if the backup restored the way you expected it to, but I'm going to guess it didn't. The other thing is that the server files do not come packaged with the JAR or libraries. You will need to download this from forge and upload it and the library files to the jar folder as well, then configure your server to use the custom jar.

    HostHorde has information on how to download/install forge and upload it to your server, which I have included a link to below.

    My suggestions is to use FTP to upload the actual server files. Your FTP password is in the email you received with the title, New Minecraft Server Information. You can find your proper username and server connection details in the panel under Files > FTP File Access. The page also links to help information about using FileZilla (which I definitely recommend using)

    This is a rather loose step-by-step, but I hope it will help you:

    1. Download RLCraft and extract it to the folder of your choice. It should extract a folder called RLCraft Server Pack 1.12.2 - {Version Number}.
      Example: RLCraft Server Pack 1.12.2 - Beta v2.6.3
    2. Login to your server's FTP using something like FileZilla (it will make it quite a bit easier to work with).
    3. Upload the folders that are in the RLCraft Server Pack folder (not the RLCraft Server Pack folder itself).
      Note: They should be called config, mods, scripts, and structures.
    4. Follow HostHorde's steps on uploading the Forge jar file and libraries to your server.
      Note: RLCraft Beta 2.6.3 is using based on what I saw in their changelog. When visiting Forge's website, on the left, click 1.12.2. After the page finishes loading, click Show all versions to display the full list of 1.12.2 forge builds. From there you will be able to download the installer for version of forge suggested by the modpack author.
    5. Edit your server.properties file, as per the SET THESE IN SERVER.PROPERTIES txt file included with the server, and update the allow-flight, difficulty, max-tick-time, and view-distance. If you don't you may run into unexpected gameplay issues or server performance issues.

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