Does HordeHorde support BungeeCord Servers?


BungeeCord is a Minecraft server that acts as a hub between multiple servers that it connects to. For more information on BungeeCord and its capabilities, please consult its thread on the Spigot Forums.

Support on HostHorde servers

With some minor configuration, you can use BungeeCord as a hub on our servers. Multicraft isn't able to correctly monitor BungeeCord, and will state that the hub is between offline and launching - however, the console, and CPU / RAM monitors still function correctly.

Servers on HostHorde can be configured to run as part of a BungeeCord network. However, the suggested method of blocking players from joining your servers (using iptables) won't be possible. The BungeeCord documentation mentions that an IP whitelist plugin will work instead.

Please note that you cannot run multiple servers on a single HostHorde plan. BungeeCord suggests that you run multiple smaller servers on a single machine, however this isn't possible with our services. For example, if you wished to run a BungeeCord set up consisting on a lobby server, and two minigame servers then you would require four plans with us: one for the hub, one for the lobby and two for the minigames.

For a guide on installing BungeeCord, check out the guide on the Spigot Wiki.

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