My account or server has been compromised/ hacked

Start by finding what has been compromised. You have two different accounts for your HostHorde services – one for the client area and another for Multicraft. If someone has unauthorised access to either of these, change the password for them immediately.

If you use the same passwords elsewhere, for example for your email account, you should change these also.

For more advice on securing your passwords, check out this guide from Google.

Client Area

You can change your client area password by logging into the client area then select “Update Your Details” and finally select the “Change Password” tab.

If you do not have access to your account, you can reset your password using the forgot password reset page. If the forgot password reset page does not recognise your email address, contact our support for more help.


If you have access to your Multicraft account, you can change your Multicraft password by clicking Profile and entering a new password.

If you do not have access to your Multicraft account, you can change your Multicraft password inside the client area by going to Services > My Services > View Details > Change Password.
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