Disk quota exceeded

To prevent abuse, accidental or otherwise, all our servers have a disk quota. This prevents the server from creating an excessive amount of large files on the server. All our plans have enough disk space to have an large Minecraft map on your server.

There are a few symptoms that will tell you the server has reached its disk space quota:
  • You see this error message in the console:

    [Server] WARNING Disk quota exceeded
  • The server appears to be not saving files to disk - Players inventories are not being saved. Plugins that require configuration files to be saved are not doing so.
  • The server is not launching, if this is happening, the server will probably report a corrupt server jar:

    [Server] INFO Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile /jar/craftbukkit-1.7.2-3020.jar

  • Some plugins may have their own error messages relating to disk quota. For example, plugins that use an SQLite Database will report a corrupt database:

    [Server] WARN java.sql.SQLException: [SQLITE_CORRUPT] The database disk image is malformed (database disk image is malformed)

Saving space
In most cases, the disk quota has been reached due to plugins creating a large number of files, or a few very large files.


You should first check which plugins you have installed, and how much data they are saving to disk. Connect via FTP to your server, and look at the filesize of the files on your server.

If you are using a logging plugin that supports an SQLite Database, such as CoreProtect 2, you should switch it to MySQL. This can be done in the config file for CoreProtect, your MySQL details can be found in the Multicraft control panel by going to Advanced -> MySQL Database. Once you're switched CoreProtect to use MySQL, you can delete the old database. Please note that the old data will not be imported. Other plugins may vary.

Log Files

In older verions of Minecraft, the server.log file could easily get excessively large due to lots of repeating plugin errors. This file is safe to delete right away, and for many servers that are running or have ran 1.6.4 or earlier this will save a lot of disk space.

This is less of a problem in Minecraft 1.7, but you may wish to prune older logs in the /logs directory.

Unnecessary Backups

If you are using a backup plugin for Bukkit, check to see how many backups that it is making. It is not necessary to make more than one or two world save backups. Using a rollback plugin, such as CoreProtect 2 is a more space efficient method of undoing changes to the world. However, keeping one or two backups is acceptable per our terms of service at our discretion.

Requesting upgrades

If you are on our Unlimited plan, so long as the majority of your disk usage is used by your world save, you can request a free upgrade by opening a support ticket.

If you are on the Starter or Basic plan, you can upgrade to the a higher plan with more disk space in the client area by going to  Services > My Services > View Details > Management Actions > Upgrade/Downgrade, and selecting the new plan.
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