[FTB Infinity Evolved 1.7.10] Server endlessly initializing after first time setup

Discussion in 'Community Support' started by Nefian, Dec 1, 2018.

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    Dec 1, 2018
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    Hiya folks! Sorry if this is the wrong forum, just direct me to where it's supposed to be and I'll repost.

    Earlier tonight, I purchased a HostHorde server with the intent to play with some of my friends. I followed the steps here for setting up a new FTB server, and have changed my server to run off the "Mod: Custom Server" and "custom_server.jar" as per instructed in that document. I started the server, and for the last hour, it has been going into an endless loop of re initializing all the mods, over and over.

    So far I have:
    • Stopped and started the server
    • Removed the custom files I uploaded, and repeated the process as described in the first document
    • Restarted the server
    with no effect. I'm unfamiliar with the nuances of custom server management - in the past I purchased a pre-loaded server from creeperhost - so any help would be appreciated.

    The log file the server generated was much too large - if necessary, I can run it again for a shorter time to get a smaller, more uploadable version.

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