Setting up a custom server address

How to set up a custom server address

  1. Bryan
    If you'd like to create a custom subdomain name to connect to your Minecraft server, you can use our free subdomain service.

    This service allows you to have a unique server address, while avoiding the need to enter a port number in Minecraft.

    If you have your own domain name and you'd prefer to use that rather than our subdomain service, you must specify either a CNAME record or a SRV record.

    If you use a SRV record, you'll be able to connect without the port number (e.g.
    If you use a CNAME record, you'll need to specify the port number when connecting to your server (e.g.
    If you need assistance with setting up a DNS record, we recommend first contacting your domain registrar.

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  1. Anonymous
    This source is extremely helpful for when I was trying to figure out how to get a custom ip-address to connect to my server with <3.
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